Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Breakfast Blues

My sons will consume two loaves of bread, five gallons of milk, two pounds of turkey, and a bag of frozen peas in a week of lunches but they will not touch breakfast. They will eat two pizzas by themselves and fall upon a bag of pretzels like locusts but all they will do at breakfast is work on moving all of the food from their plates to the floor in creative ways. No matter what I give them, unless it contains chocolate chips, they turn their little noses up at it. This is why I get the blues every morning while fixing breakfast.

I decided to involve the boys in making breakfast as a way to get them interested in eating it. Today we made belgian waffles, which sounded like a great idea until I realized we didn't have any eggs. No matter, I found an egg-less waffle recipe (I just have to marvel at the internet sometimes) 


Armed with apron pockets full of spatulas and whisks we approached the mixer and waffle iron. The boys love to cook and a good time was had by all (meaning that the entire kitchen was covered in flour and pride in our efforts).

As I placed a plate of waffles and orange slices in front of each boy I held my breath in anticipation.

Little H, "This awful is yummy in my tummy!"
Little O, "I wuv awfuls!"

Apparently, breakfast doesn't have to actually be awful if you make something called awful 😊

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